CoinZoom® Commerce

CoinZoom Commerce

Merchant services for accepting crypto from global customers. Eliminates chargebacks and ID theft. Global pay-in, pay-out solution for multi-national companies. Instantly pay suppliers, customers, employees, and distributors with Fiat or Crypto for free. Accept USD, Bitcoin, and other popular cryptocurrencies for your products and services.



Safeguarding your funds and personal information is our top priority. We take the following measures to ensure your assets are secure:

  • Multi-layer security protections

  • Multi-Factor authentication

  • Cold Storage Assets held by Institutional Qualified Custodians

  • Multi-Factor authorization

  • Assets insured by our qualified custodian for +$100M Multi-Signature wallets

  • Account level security controls & notification


CoinZoom® Commerce

CoinZoom® Commerce is our global pay-in, pay-out solution for multi-national companies, allowing you to instantly pay suppliers, customers, employees, and distributors with Fiat or Crypto for free. We make it easy for your business to accept USD, Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies as payments.


Bulk Payout Features

  • Send USD or Crypto

  • Bulk Payout to ZoomMe® Handles

  • Bulk Payouts to External Crypto Wallets

  • Manage Recurring Payments

  • Free Transfers


Benefits for Companies

Its Customers receive the following benefits:

  • Customer Rewards: Customers receive $10 in Crypto for opening a new account with CoinZoom.

  • CoinZoom® Crypto Visa Debit Card - Spend USD & crypto at over 53M merchants globally. Earn up to 5% in crypto on purchases.

  • ZoomMe® - Free and instant, peer-to-peer crypto and USD transfers to friends and family anywhere in the world.

  • Receive Commissions payouts free & instant (ZoomMe®)

  • No cost product spend back (CZ Commerce)


CoinZoom® Prime Fix API

With CZ-Prime's FIX integration, institutions can take advantage of minimal latency, secure connection and full-time access around the clock. Institutions will have access to both market rates and trading with full order books, from CoinZoom® over 120+ markets. Institutions will also have access to the most popular order execution types.

  • Brokers & Corporations

  • Private Wealth Managers

  • High Net Worth Individuals

  • Asset Managers

  • Private Traders

  • Hedge Funds

  • Corporations

  • Family Offices

  • Endowments

  • VCs

CoinZoom® Commerce

Join the digital age! Start accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payments for your services and products.

Instantly pay thousands of suppliers, customers, employees, and distributors with USD or Crypto for free through our bulk payments API.

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