Introducing ZOOM (CoinZoom Utility Token)

Learn more about our native utility token that powers the CoinZoom ecosystem.

ZOOM Overview

ZOOM is an Ethereum ERC20 utility token, with a limited total supply of 600 Million. ZOOM powers the CoinZoom ecosystem, and provides users with a wide variety of discounts, enhancements, and rewards.

ZOOM Distribution: 50% VIP, available for purchase by community members to fully participate in our VIP programs. 30% rewards, available to reward users and grow the CoinZoom community. 20% Team incentives, subject to 3 years vesting schedule.

CoinZoom Utility Token

VIP Benefits of Owning ZOOM


Trading Fee Discounts

Discounts of up to 50%.

Zoom Me Instant

CoinZoom Instant

Earn up to 3% back on all CoinZoom Instant transfers.


CoinZoom Crypto Visa Debit Card

VIP enhancements for Select, Preferred, Gold, Platinum, and Black level customers.


Card Rewards

Earn up to 5% back in crypto for all CoinZoom® Crypto Visa Debit card purchases.

ZoomMe Global

ZoomMe Global

Free peer-to-peer crypto and USD transfers of up to $10,000 per day.

Interest Bonus


Use ZOOM to purchase your CoinZoom Visa Card, pay for withdrawal fees, and all areas of the CoinZoom ecosystem.