CoinZoom Cash

​Fund your CoinZoom account with Cash in under ten seconds. Load up to $999 in cash at thousands of retail locations nationwide.

Once your account has been funded, you can easily buy Bitcoin or other leading coins at a low flat fee of 5% - 5X less than up to 25% network fees when purchasing through a Bitcoin ATM, saving you time and money.

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How It Works

Download CoinZoom Cash App

Step 1

Download the CoinZoom App.

Set up CoinZoom Account

Step 2

Set up your CoinZoom account.

Step 3 - Login to Account

Step 3

Log in to your account.

Step 4 Fund your Account

Step 4

Tap "Wallet, choose "Deposit" and select CoinZoom Cash.

Step 5 - Select Retailer

Step 5

Select the retailer most convenient for you – generate barcode.

Step 6 Activate Barcode

Step 6

Activate barcode when you arrive at the retailer for the cashier to scan. Pay your cash and the money is instantly in your account.

Buy Crypto

Step 7

Buy crypto at fair exchange price without delays!

Less Fees Than Bitcoin ATMs

CoinZoom Cash vs. Crypto ATM

  • Market among the lowest 5% fee vs up to 25% in Bitcoin ATM fees​

  • Instant transaction vs up to 50-minute delays at Bitcoin ATMs ​

  • Real-time crypto exchange price vs 13 – 20% loss of crypto value at an ATM​

  • Thousands of retail locations nationwide and growing.

CoinZoom vs ATMs

Thousand of Stores Nationwide

Latest retailers to join our program

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  • CoinZoom Cash is a service that allows you to load up to $999 (depending on the retailer) into your CoinZoom account instantly. Once the funds are in your account you can buy Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies.

  • Consumers were paying expensive network fees and experiencing delays of up to an hour when using Bitcoin ATMs to deposit cash. We are pleased to offer a service that eliminates the long wait and expensive fees associated with utilizing cash to buy crypto.

  • CoinZoom Cash fees are the market lowest rate of 5% - 5X less than up to 25% fees that some Bitcoin ATMs charge.

  • You can find all participating retailers near you when you select CoinZoom Cash as a cash load option on the CoinZoom app.

  • Each retailer is different. You can load up to $999 depending on the retailer.