OKWAVE Announces Investment in U.S. Cryptocurrency Exchange, CoinZoom

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CoinZoom, based in the U.S., is preparing for the global launch of its Crypto Currency Exchange offering core services of buying, selling, and spending digital currencies including Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and other leading digital coins. In addition to buying and selling digital currencies, CoinZoom customers will be issued CoinZoom Debit Cards which will allow them to spend both fiat and crypto account balances at over 40 million merchants worldwide. The CoinZoom Debit Cards will also provide several benefits, including trading discounts and rewards options.

Todd Crosland, founder, and CEO of CoinZoom, said, "We are extremely pleased to have OKWAVE make this strategic investment in the company, and believe this partnership will help CoinZoom achieve its goal of becoming one of the premier global cryptocurrency exchanges. With OKWAVE's domain expertise and resources, we have an ideal partner to help CoinZoom capitalize on the tremendous growth opportunities available to the company, and assist our continued innovation in establishing market-leading execution and service offerings."

"CoinZoom's unique business model and diverse product offering, which includes allowing customers to buy, sell, and spend cryptocurrencies globally, has distinguished itself as a potential industry leader. Adding OKWAVE's global experience and customer base of over 15 million users, provides immediate growth opportunities for our partnership with CoinZoom," said Gen Matsuda, CEO of OKWAVE. "CoinZoom is a perfect fit for OKWAVE, given our firm's experience in technology-enabled online services, as well as our investment focus on rapidly growing blockchain technologies."

Currently, cryptocurrencies are gaining increased adoption globally because of use cases such as cashless payments. It is the intent and objective of OKWAVE in this capital and business alliance to promote and spread collaborations across its group of companies.

To enhance and accelerate this alliance OKWAVE will purchase Series AA Preferred Stock from CoinZoom.

Matsuda added, "As a result of tremendous growth in the online cryptocurrency market, we have evaluated numerous investment opportunities and we believe CoinZoom represents a unique opportunity to back an accomplished and highly experienced management team."

Additionally, OKWAVE will conduct joint marketing and other collaborations when CoinZoom expands into Asia including Japan.

About CoinZoom, Inc.
CoinZoom is an institutional grade digital currency-trading platform that uses the team's vast experience in providing superb trade quality and customer-focused tools and technology to help customers become successful digital currency traders. CoinZoom offers services in buying, selling, and spending Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and other top digital currency pairs. The team's decades of experience in financial technology security is equally important in safeguarding customer funds and customers digital currency positions. CoinZoom is a U.S. registered Money Services Business and a registered Money Transmitter in over 40 states. CoinZoom also has subsidiaries in Australia, CoinZoom Australia PTY LTD, where it is a registered as a Digital Currency Exchange with AUSTRAC and CoinZoom Europe Limited, that is registered in Ireland.

The founding members, including CEO Todd Crosland, founded Interbank FX 2001. Interbank FX was a global foreign exchange brokerage firm that was registered in the U.S. as a Futures Commission Merchant and Retail Foreign Exchange Broker and also registered in Australia with A.S.I.C., as a Derivatives Dealer. Interbank FX had offices in Beijing, Seoul, Hong Kong, Sydney, London and the U.S., and transacted with over 250,000 customers in 140 countries, with a transaction value reaching $80 billion a month. Interbank FX was sold to a major Japanese financial company in 2011. CoinZoom teams depth of experience and knowledge in global financial services, compliance, governance and security systems, provide a solid foundation for CoinZooms global success.

About OKWAVE, Inc.
OKWAVE, Inc. was founded in July 1999. The company has run OKWAVE (https://okWAVE.jp), the first and foremost Q&A site in Japan since January 2000, with the goal of "contributing to worldwide development and making physical and mental happiness a reality through creating places of mutual aid". They also provide OKWAVE PROFESSIONAL (https://okWAVE.jp/professional) where experts and companies answer user questions. With services for corporations based on OKWAVE's expertise, such as OKBIZ for FAQ/Helpdesk Support (https://www.okWAVE.co.jp/business/service/biz-faq-helpdesk/) with top domestic shares; OKBIZ for Community Support (https://www.okWAVE.co.jp/business/service/okbiz-cs/), a community support tool for attracting customers; and OKBIZ AI Chatbot (https://www.okWAVE.co.jp), an AI agent service, this technology has been introduced in over 500 major company and government websites. The company was listed on the Nagoyo Stock Exchange in June 2006 (Securities Code: 3808). The company plans to continue providing services to help solve future problems combining over 36 million instances of Q&A data with AI, blockchain, and cybersecurity technology.

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