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New Order

By sendng a POST request to order endpoint you can place new order on the market.

request endpoint: /api/order

Request parameters

nonceLongrepeated number send in the request headerY
amountDoublequantity of main currencyY
priceDoubleprice, not required if market orderN
ordSideIntorder side: 0 - buy, 1 - sellY
ordTypeIntorder type: 0 - market, 1 - limit, 2 - stopY

Request example:

{"amount":0.1, "price":5, "nonce":10000, "ordSide":0, "ordType":1, "symbol":"BTCUSD"}

Response - JSON:

orderIdLongorder ID
messageStringrequest result

Response message and HTTP code depends on request result:

200"Order added"
406"Instrument not supported {symbol}"
406"You are not allowed to trade on instrument {symbol}"
406"Quantity must be at least {minSize} {currency}"
406"Insufficient funds!"

Response example:

{"orderId":100034,"message":"Order added"}