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Digital Wallet Security

CoinZoom has selected BitGo as its digital wallet security provider. BitGo is a world leader in Digital Wallet security. Its technology solves the most difficult security, compliance and custodial problems associated with blockchain-based currencies, enabling the integration of digital currency into the global financial system. BitGo’s customers, which include the world’s largest digital currency trading platforms and financial institutions, conduct more than $10 billion in transactions monthly.

  • Bank Level Security
  • Two-factor authentications, multi-sig Wallets
  • Approximately 98% of customers digital currencies will be held in cold storage. Leaving just 2% of customers digital currencies in Hot or online storage
  • Our insurance policy includes coverage that will cover customer losses from any online breach
  • Secure state-of-the-art multi-sig, encryption & authentication, conforming to the most rigorous industry standards